PROGRAMS  - Programs: Summer 2016  

June 9, 2016

Sewing Camp

Instructor: Sharleen Zebinski

Sewing Machines required for all classes except Hand Sewing

Material List provided for classes where supplies extra

Aug 2-5

Aug 8-12

Aug 15-19

Aug 22-26

K-Gr 1, 10-11 am
Hand Sewing

$40 (inc supplies)

Gr 2-3, 10 am-Noon
Hand Sewing
$90 (inc supplies)

Gr 4-5, 10 am-Noon

Beg Machine

Pillowcase or Tote
$90 (supplies extra)

Gr 6, 10 am-Noon
Beg Machine

Pillowcase or Tote
$90 (supplies extra)


Gr 7-10, 1-3 pm
Beg Machine

Pillowcase or Tote

$90 (supplies extra)

Gr 7-10, 1-3 pm
Int Machine

Mug Bucket or Thread Catcher/
Pin Cushion

$110 (inc supplies)

Gr 7-10, 1-3 pm

Int/Adv Machine

Pajama Pants or Skirt

$90 (supplies extra)


Gr 11-12 & Adults, 7-9 pm

Beg Machine

Sewing Machine Cover w/Pockets

$90 (supplies extra)

Gr 11-12 & Adults, 7-9 pm

Int Machine

Mug Bucket or Thread Catcher/
Pin Cushion
$110 (inc supplies)

Gr 11-12 & Adults, 7-9 pm

Adv Machine
Skirt or Rugby Pants

$90 (supplies extra)

Splash Park
Is Open!! until September
Hours of Operation: Daily 8 am - 8 pm
Enjoy this new activity in the park!
Lewis & Jones Community Fitness Centre
Thank you to Ciara's clients who have kept her busy since February. She will be ending this portion of work on Wednesday, June 8.
The good news is that with funding provided by the Manitoba government, Ciara will continue to work at the Fitness Centre. Ciara will have a new work schedule with more hours and some extending into the evenings. Ciara will start again on Monday, June 27 and continue through to Wednesday, August 10. Here are Ciara's work hours in the fitness centre (subject to change).
Monday 10:30-1:30
Tuesday 10:30-1:30/5-7
Wednesday 11-2
Thursday 9-1/5-7
Friday 9-Noon
Once you've made the decision to start using the gym, then what? Some users are intimidated by the equipment, some guess at what they should/could do, wonder whether they're doing the exercises right, are people watching them? All these are legitimate concerns by users and you're not the first to express them.
Answer: After you've made the commitment to use the gym, there is nothing worse than wasting your time in the fitness centre. Book an appointment with Ciara who will guide you through the fitness centre, help you set an achievable goal, and put a program together specific for you. Not a program you've 'borrowed' from a friend or neighbor or a program you pulled from your gym bag from a couple of years ago. Ciara will prescribe programs designed for your needs and areas of concern (ie arthritis) to maximize your time and reach your goals.
Make your visit to the fitness centre a positive one and reach your goals your way.
Working out can have positive effects far beyond the gym (and beach season). Gaining self-confidence, getting out of a funk, even thinking smarter, reducing high blood pressure, better sex life (yes, I saw it in black and white), of course cardiovascular health, bone strengthening, and weight control are some of the motivations to take time for exercise on a regular basis.
Some fitness centre users of late are now coming with a buddy, usually a friend. Buddy training sessions are available from Ciara as well.
5 Reasons to Thank Your Workout Buddy
  • You'll actually show up
  • You'll work harder
  • You'll score a free therapy sesh (shake out emotional and physical stress)
  • You'll learn new tricks
  • You'll burn more calories (41 more calories per session are burned with your plus one)
I have a fitness buddy. She does (most) things I do and vice versa. For example, we down-hill ski, we cross country ski, we've walked marathons, we have run a marathon, we've trained together, we kayak, we golf, and lots of times we decompress, we make each other accountable, we are (not) competitive in any way, rose at sunrise for early morning workouts (ugh! but good), we've meditated and laughed at ourselves, we've rewarded ourselves for our successes and soaked our booboo's, we (almost) cliff dove, and it's a free social outing. It's a win:win situation. Thanks Plus One!
Contact the Recreation Office for Ciara.
I hope we will cross paths in the gym, out for a walk, or paddling in the lake. Enjoy whatever activity it is you enjoy!
Canada Day / Friday, July 1, Agriculture Grounds
On Stage - 9 pm
  • Birthday Cupcakes and Glow Sticks
  • Fireworks to follow

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada and Shamrock Centre. Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada et Shamrock Centre.

Minnedosa Dragonboat Festival
Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission and the Westman Dragonboat Association are hosting the Minnedosa Dragonboat Festival on Saturday, September 17.
Early Bird Registration: $400 until July 15 and Regular Registration: $500 after July 16.
No experience needed! No athletic ability is needed!
20 people required to paddle and one to drum. A steersperson will be provided. Registered teams can have two practices between September 4 and 15 or one practice on September 16. Guaranteed 3 races.
Registration package available from Karen May at 204.841.1802 or email or call Heather at the Recreation Office.
55 Plus Games
Brandon, June 14-16
Check out the website at
Good luck Killarney participants!!
Water Safety Report Findings
1. There were 10,511 unintentional water-related deaths over the last 20 years, and the reoccurring factor is the absence of a lifejacket or PFD
2. Males aged 15-74 are at the highest risk of drowning, accounting for nearly 90% if boating related deaths
3. The majority of boating deaths (77%) occurred during recreational activities like fishing, power boating and canoeing
4. At least 22-34% of boaters did not have a PFD in their boat, which is a legal requirement in Canada
5. Only 4% of non-swimmers compared to 13% of strong swimmers who drowned were properly wearing a PFD
6. Between 50-85% of boating-related fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a PFD
KidSport raises funds through corporate donations, foundation grants, planned giving and special activities and events. Funds that are raised help offset the cost of participant registration fees for community based sport programs. Funding is administered by Sport Manitoba's Regional Offices. 

KidSport is limited by the funds we are able to raise, therefore we want to ensure we assist those most in need. Our volunteers use the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-off guidelines as a tool to determine which families are eligible for assistance. Exceptions may occur for unique circumstances, but in most cases applications will not be considered if your household gross income is higher than shown in the application form.

2016 KidSport Application for Financial Assistance

For more information visit
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